Sean Duffy, Former Congressman And ‘Real World’ Star, Becomes CNN Political Commentator

Sean Duffy Shutterstock

Sean Duffy, the former congressman and cast member on MTV’s The Real World, has joined CNN as a political commentator.

Duffy debuted on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday with Jake Tapper.

In September, Duffy resigned his congressional seat after he and his wife, Rachel Campos-Duffy, learned that their new-born child would need surgery to address a heart defect. Their daughter was born on Oct. 1. The couple met when they were both appearing on MTV’s Road Rules: All Stars.

Duffy is a supporter of Donald Trump, and defended the president as he faces an impeachment inquiry into his effort to get Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and son Hunter.

On CNN’s New Day on Monday, Duffy said that while Republicans are upset over Trump’s Syria policy, that is not the same as concern over Ukraine.

Appearing with Alisyn Camerota, Duffy also suggested that there was nothing wrong with asking Ukraine to investigate whether it had a Democratic National Committee computer server. That server is at the heart of a conspiracy theory that the Russians were not responsible for hacking those DNC accounts.

“That might be a conspiracy. But the fact that [Acting Chief of Staff] Mick Mulvaney is talking about advancing that investigation, the 2016 Russia investigation, we should applaud that,” Duffy said.

Mulvaney said on Thursday that military assistance to Ukraine was held up in part because Trump wanted to make sure the country investigated what happened to the server. Later that day, Mulvaney tried to walk back those comments.

On New Day, Camerota asked Duffy, “You’re going to hold up military assistance because of that conspiracy theory?”

Duffy responded, “But are you going to hold up a billion dollars of loans unless you fire the one prosecutor who is investigating my son? Which what is Joe Biden did. And no one had a problem with that.”

But Camerota replied, “The rest of the world felt that prosecutor was corrupt and he wasn’t doing enough investigating.”

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