Fox News Host Judge Jeanine: Impeachment Efforts By Congress Are Like A Star Chamber


The current impeachment investigation by Congressman Adam Schiff is being conducted in a Star Chamber, according to Fox News host Jeanine Pirro, speaking Saturday on her Justice With Judge Jeanine program.

The Star Chamber was an English court that was active from the late 15th century to the mid-17th century. It was
originally established to ensure the fair enforcement of laws against socially and politically prominent people. But it became synonymous with social and political oppression through the arbitrary use and abuse of the power it wielded.

That, Pirro said, is the situation that’s currently underway in this country. The impeachment hearings are conducted so that “truth is irrelevant.” She noted Schiff’s backtracking on whether he had met with the so-called whistleblower and his conduct in hearings where he made up his own version of the conversation between President Trump and the Ukraine president.

“The Democrats need to snap out of their deranged, delusional and dangerous game,” said Pirro, and noted how the hearings bar even certain members of Congress from attending. That prevents them from asking witnesses, “How often did you coordinate with Adam Schiff?”

Pirro noted, “They don’t want to reveal his name because we will then find out the real connection,” adding, “It’s all so myseterious, it’s painfully and obviously political.”

She concluded, “The American people only hear a narrative…designed to hurt the President.”

Hear the full take below.

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