SAG-AFTRA Approves New Music Video Contract


A new three-year music video contract has been unanimously approved by the SAG-AFTRA national board of directors.

“I am proud to be part of the team that helped achieve this contract, which includes new set minimums, protections against sexual harassment and better wages for background performers,” said Danielle Town, chair of the negotiating committee and national vice chair of the Dancer Committee.

“This agreement will ensure that music videos can remain creative while the performers that bring them to life feel safe,” Town added.

Highlights of the Music Video Agreement include:
• Adds a $500 minimum (12-hr day) to the $50-100 thousand tier
• Makes the pro-rated eight-hour day for the above $100-150 thousand tier permanent
• Increases the daily rate for existing dancer minimums
• 3% upon ratification
• 3% starting May 1, 2020
• 2.5% starting May 1, 2021
• Establishes a minimum rate for background nationwide pegged at 10% above applicable minimum wage
• Requires that a stunt coordinator be engaged when aerial acrobatics and non-dance stunts are to be performed
• Includes language surrounding sexual harassment prevention
• Includes a nudity rider that defines nudity with considerations to the special requirements and culture of music video production.

Without providing any details, SAG-AFTRA said that the national board also heard referrals of resolutions from the union’s recent convention; approved presidential appointments to its various committees, and selected a trustee for the SAG-Producers Pension Plan.

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