‘Fortnite’ Becomes A Black Hole As Season 10 Ends, Whipping Fans Into Frenzy

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Epic GamesFortnite ended its 10th season with a flourish, going completely dark after an asteroid was depicted as blowing up the game’s map.

“The End,” as it was touted on the game, came on Sunday afternoon. The 11th season is expected to debut this week. About 250 million people play Fortnite, with the game taking in some $2.4 billion for Epic.

The official Fortnite Twitter handle deleted all of its tweets except for a single, pinned one depicting a black hole. It had nearly 340,000 likes as of Monday morning. Patient viewers of the tweet noticed briefly revealed numbers in the center of the black hole image, with Lost-esque theories about the numbers’ significance soon filling social media.

Gamers and the tech-inclined have all weighed in on the “end times,” with Elon Musk re-tweeting a satirical post from 2018 about him deleting Fortnite.

Darkness has pervaded all of Epic’s social media channels and the Fortnite blog, leaving fans to wonder what comes next. The company has not provided any clues, clearly banking on the black hole as a way to stoke interest until the new season unfolds.

Season 10 of the game was not without its hiccups. Last summer, Epic announced it was scaling back an unpopular feature, B.R.U.T.E.S. The giant, super-powered robots had high health and could destroy buildings and player structures, but their features put human players at a distinct disadvantage, many players felt.

The company’s lukewarm overall response left many fans irritated, so Epic then lowered the spawn rates of Brutes in Arena and tournament play.

Here are a few reactions to the season-ending black hole:


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