CAA Signs Francis Ford Coppola; Mission Is To Get Epic ‘Megalopolis’ Made

Francis Ford Coppola CAA
Chad Keig/CAA

EXCLUSIVE: CAA has signed Francis Ford Coppola, the six-time Oscar-winning writer, director, and producer.

The agency will help Coppola mount his epic project, Megalopolis, the drama set in New York about a master architect and city design czar’s grand vision to create a utopian city of the future. Coppola has been ruminating on this project for nearly two decades, and even shot much of the second unit footage of architecture and street sounds and scenes, just before the destruction of 9/11 brought the project to a halt. Coppola, who had spent several years making small personal films, found the spark to return to Megalopolis as he made new cuts of Apocalypse Now and The Cotton Club, with new cut of The Godfather: Part III also in his plans. His production company, American Zoetrope, which he co-founded with George Lucas in 1969, continues to produce films and television, and CAA Media Finance will arrange the financing and represent the distribution rights to Megalopolis.


Coppola’s work includes The Godfather trilogy, The Conversation, The Outsiders, The Rainmaker and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and he won an Oscar for his script for Patton.

Coppola hadn’t been with another agency, and he continues with attorney Barry Hirsch at Hirsch, Wallerstein, Hayum, Matlof and Fishman.

The filmmaker will be honored in France later this month with an honorary Lumière Award at the Lumière Festival, which celebrates film masters.

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