‘South Park’ Celebrates 300th Episode By Poking Fun At Anti-Vaxxers As Comedy Central Series Is Censored In China

Comedy Central

South Park is celebrating its 300th episode by poking fun at the anti-vaxxer movement.

This comes as the Comedy Central series has reportedly been scrubbed from the internet in China for its latest episode mocking the Chinese government.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s creation is celebrating its 300th episode on Wednesday October 9 ay 10pm ET/PT on the Viacom comedy network. It will feature the third episode at Tegridy Farms, where Randy revels in a milestone. Meanwhile Cartman stands his ground and refuses to get a shot, saying “It’s my personal belief that governments should not coerce citizens into receiving medical interventions and besides I don’t risk to risk immunizations risking making me artistic”.

To celebrate the milestone Comedy Central will host an all-day marathon starting at 9am on October 9, while all new episodes will be available to watch on South Park Studios and Hulu the day after they premiere.

This comes as the recent episode, “Band In China,” mocking Hollywood and the Chinese government, has been censored in the Middle Kingdom. The episode, which aired last week, blasted Hollywood for the way that it changes content to please Chinese authorities (the South Park gang forms a metal band and are offered a biopic). The episode also featured Randy caught trying to sell marijuana in China and getting sent to a prison work camp. But that episode and others has now seemingly been scrubbed from all Chinese streaming services, social media sites, including Weibo and Baidu, fan sites and discussion pages, according to reports.

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