Create The Writers Room Launches, Chooses Finalists For Inaugural Diverse Writers Initiative

The Create the Writers Room initiative has revealed the finalists for the inaugural initiative which empowers emerging creators while advancing the dialogue of diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Rickey Castleberry

Created by writer and producer Rickey Castleberry of 19f Productions launched the initiative to not only promote representation of marginalized communities but to foster up and coming talent to celebrate individual voices and ideas. Creators and writers were required to submit a short three-page script and produce a one-minute short.

“This is the first of many. We want to be at the forefront of change, and give rise to new voices, which can only happen through the continued efforts of the allies we’ve formed with Create the Writer’s Room,” said Castleberry. He plans to continue these events and expand their operation in the next years with the mission to change the landscape of the industry.

On September 27, the entries were screened at a special event at the WACO Theatre Center in Los Angeles hosted by Castleberry which featured a panel discussion about diversity and inclusion with executives Ty Bristol (BET), Kelsey Jackson (ACE Entertainment), Liliana Granados (JuVee Productions) and Heather McKay (Rich Youth).

Kelsey Jackson, Ty Bristol, Liliana Granados and Heather McKay at the Create the Writers Room event

From the entries received during the month-long competition, three finalists were chosen:

Plump by Antoine Tate and Tiffany Parker

Triggered by Tracy Lincoln, Adrienne Reed and Jalen Blot.

Overqualified by Jerry Madison Jr, Portia Lewis, Briana M. Hill, Demetrius Roberts-Taylor and Malik Sulieman.

The three finalists will be given a chance to have generals pitch their TV/Film ideas before the aforementioned executives. The top script writer will also receive a brand new HP Laptop and Final Draft 11.

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