‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ Says Donald Trump Is Like Homer Simpson, Mike Pence Like Ned Flanders

Trevor Noah
Mark Mann

The Ukraine scandal is proving to be comedy gold for the political shows, and today was Trevor Noah’s turn to leap on the Trump train.

Leading off, Noah mocked President Trump for calling on China to join Ukraine in investigating the Bidens, in effect doubling down on the issue causing him problems.

“Trump may be the only person on earth who thinks two wrongs make a right,” joked Noah.

Now, he noted, as the scandal develops, more and more people from Trump’s administration are getting sucked in. “Next week, (former White House spokesman) Sean Spicer will be accused of sending messages on Dancing With The Stars, he quipped.

Noah also raised a skeptical eye on Mike Pence’s claims that he knew nothing about Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine into an investigation of the Bidens. Which seems to be a pattern for the Veep, Noah noted, running clips of previous denials on assorted issues. “He is Homer Simpson, and he picked Ned Flanders as his VP,” Noah said.

Pence’s excuse that he didn’t know Trump was pressuring Ukraine would be like a mob enforcer showing up and not know what the person he’s leaning on needs to cough up, Noah said. “Pence doesn’t know any of the bad things – which are most of the things,” Noah said. “Which means he’ll be at the State of the Union: “My fellow Americans, the state of our union is….like this, the thing.”

Watch the full routine below.

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