‘Life-Size Toys’ Showcases Nitro Circus Supersizing Playthings For Quibi Stunt Action


They’re not playing around on the new Quibi series Life-Size Toys. Nitro Circus, the daredevils behind such feats as a skyscraper-to-skyscraper backflip and the first backflip into the Grand Canyon, are teaming-up with Quibi for a new series that will transform favorite millennial toys into vehicles for stunts.

Hosted by Nitro Circus ringleader Travis Pastrana, Life-Size Toys will feature kids’ playthings super-sized by the Nitro Circus crew, then tested to the extreme by the stunt performers.

The sports entertainment brand has previously produced stunts like the world’s first motorcycle triple double backflip outside the U.K.’s iconic Caerphilly Castle (exceeding 10 million combined video views in just three weeks), as well as the first quadruple backflip on a BMX bike (over 15-million views on YouTube alone to date) and the first triple backflip on a motorbike (nearly 13-million YouTube views so far).

“At Nitro Circus, you’re never too old for toys. Tricycles and rocking horses all get pushed to the limit on our tour, but Life-Size Toys definitely raises the game,” said Pastrana. “In this show, we have the chance to take some of our favorite childhood toys, make larger-than-life-versions of them, and go for the most insane stunts we can think of. We can’t wait for viewers to see what we’ve dreamed up.”

At the end of each episode, Pastrana and his team will attempt a stunt using a custom-made Life-Size Toy, ranging from a toy car taking on a professional rallycross course to an air rocket that can launch a grown man into the sky.

“From the beginning, Nitro Circus has been a group of friends who let their imaginations run wild with the craziest stunts possible, and then have the can-do spirit to make them happen,” said Trip Taylor, SVP of media for Nitro Circus. Taylor served as EP on the MTV series that made Nitro Circus. “Now we are set to deliver our most ridiculous moments yet, and our partnership with Quibi will let us reach fans in an entirely new way.”

Life-Size Toys is produced by Nitro Circus. Trip Taylor and Nitro Circus CEO Andy Edwards are the executive producers for Nitro Circus Media Productions.

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