‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ Showcases Trump As “A Spray-Tanned Samuel Jackson”

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah Comedy Central

No one asked what country he was from, or whether he could speak English, or what Marsellus Wallace looks like. But President Donald Trump definitely channeled Samuel Jackson’s Pulp Fiction character Jules Winnfield today in his response to a persistent reporter.

Speaking at a press conference with Finland President Sauli Niinistö, Trump went full-on gangsta when he grew tired of fielding the barrage of impeachment questions.

Reporter Jeff Mason of Reuters pressed Trump for an answer on what he wanted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to do regarding Joe Biden and his son.

That’s when Mount Trump erupted. Trevor Noah noted that he then turned into “a spray tanned Samuel Jackson,” as seen in the Pulp Fiction clip above.”Ask the President of Finland a question,” Trump demanded, several times.

“What would have been amazing,” said Noah, “is if the president of Finland threw him under the bus. ‘Actually, I would be interested to hear…’ “

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