‘Bigfoot’: Legendary Man-Monster Finds New TV Stomping Ground


This week it’s a special all-Bigfoot editon of the Hero Nation Survey, our Monday column on sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and animation news.

It’s not easy watching imitators walk in your oversized footsteps. That sentiment was expressed by none other than Bigfoot himself while taking to Deadline for a rare interview tied to his new weekly streaming series, the aptly titled Bigfoot, which premiered Sunday on Mondo’s channel on VRV, which specializes in edgy animated fare. Comedian K. Trevor Wilson provides the voice of Bigfoot, who may look cuddly but is, by turns, megalomaniacal, emotionally needy, recklessly violent, and hygiene-challenged.

The series adapts the relentlessly witty (and occasionally unsettling) illustrated books of Canadian author and artist Graham Roumieu. Roumieu was kind enough to facilitate an interview between Deadline and the infamous man-monster, who talked about the animated show but also took some shots at a pair of furry foreign rivals who tread too close to Bigfoot’s stomping grounds.

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First a bit of background: Just like last year, this September features an animated Bigfoot movie that stomped most of the competition in its opening weekend at the box office. Last year, Smallfoot (Warner Bros Animation) opened No. 2 (behind Night School) the last weekend of the month, this time around its Abominable (DreamWorks Animation/Universal Pictures),  this weekend’s new No. 1 movie in America.


DEADLINE: It’s nice to talk to you today. Here’s a gift, a Swiss Army Knife, I brought  you. Please don’t devour me.

BIGFOOT: Bigfoot accepts odd trinket bribe. You may begin Pulitzer-worthy interview now.

DEADLINE: Yes, of course. So after your great bookshelf success your next frontier is animation. As the  project ramped-up, what was the biggest challenge? Or the most exciting opportunity?

BIGFOOT: Me genius is both gift and curse.

DEADLINE: Are you a television fan yourself? Or do you even have a television these days? I know you’re a bit off the beaten path…

BIGFOOT: What is point of having TV these days with everyone walking around blabbering mouth off giving spoilers on everything? But, yeah, Bigfoot would look like a total lunatic if spend most days shouting at 24-hour news and have no actual TV there. So have TV so not look crazy when do that. Also for me show premiere party, have TV so all animals see how handsome Bigfoot am on screen. There will be chips AND dip. BYOB.

DEADLINE: What are your days like in the forest? Are you a celebrity there? 

BIGFOOT: Bigfoot not only top of food chain, me top of adoration chain! While some cynics might say that because animals afraid I eat them if they not treat me nice, all Bigfoot have to say to those cynics is: me not care.


DEADLINE: Some people have devoted decades of their life to their search for proof that you exist. But now you’re the one reaching out. I heard you are a sensation on social media,for instance, and here you are doing this interview…

BIGFOOT: Bigfoot is easy to find if you no stupid and pathetic. When screaming into the digital void Bigfoot prefers Twitter because it where all the smart sensible people go to civilly discuss thing. When screaming into analog void me prefer standing on top of big rock and yelling, or occasional hastily convened rapid fire press conference where boldly confront members of press like Deadline about no publish enough positive story about Bigfoot. Also, hey LinkedIn, “Bushes Impresario” is real job, so stop kicking me off platform, you bunch of elitist dicks.

DEADLINE: There’s been some animated movies lately with characters that are clearly based on your life and legend. Thoughts on that? 

BIGFOOT: Pretenders, usurpers, frauds, all making fools of themselves. All goofy-ass ignorant stories choking on ridiculous plots and motivations like “Bigfoot have to find him family in far away land where Bigfoot totally not from!” “Bigfoot get hit by car and for some reason not immediately murder family inside of car!?Hollywood need to stop with this watered down needy yeti crap. Yeti not even real. Only Bigfoot is Bigfoot. Me.

DEADLINE: Okay, well let’s say that one of the Hollywood studio decides tomorrow to green-light a big, live-action biopic called The Bigfoot Story. Who would be your dream casting choice for the title role?

BIGFOOT: Telly Savalas was the only person me ever think come close to having charm and swagger and macho to carry the torch. When he died that dream died. Sometimes me dig up his grave to check if he just playing fun practical joke (he such a prankster!) on Bigfoot, but, no, every time me do he still totally definitely dead.

DEADLINE: You have been the inspiration of so many documentaries, tall tales, and screen adventures of all kinds. What are some of the ones that you like or dislike? In the 1970s, the late, great Andre the Giant portrayed you on The Six Million Dollar Man, you know…

BIGFOOT: While me generally irritated by unauthorized depictions of Bigfoot me make the exception with Andre, as he having been a son of Grenoble brought that French elegance and sophistication which allow him to give at least a passable portrayal. On other hand, to that shill for beef jerky in goofy commercial who sully me image, a message: Bigfoot will find you.

DEADLINE: I have a couple of questions from my kids, if that’s okay? They are big fans. First question: “Mr. Bigfoot, are you a marsupial and if so what do you keep in your pouch?”

BIGFOOT: No, but have a bunch of skin tags so maybe me am kind of octopus? Secrets. That what me would keep in pouch if had one. Horrible, moist secrets.

DEADLINE: Let’s move on to that second question: “Mr. Bigfoot, is there any chance that maybe you are a Wookiee? You know, like, from the Star Wars movies? And can you get Chewbacca to send me an autograph?”

BIGFOOT: That was just guy in suit. You need to put your kid in better school.

DEADLINE: Okay, sounds like we should wrap this up. Bigfoot, last question: what do you think is the biggest misconception about you?

BIGFOOT: I not a monster. That birthday clown was dead when me found him. Jury acquit me over thirty years ago. Me only ate half of his torso, as is Bigfoot scavenger right. What the hell was he doing out in middle of forest at night anyway?!!

NOW A LOOK BACK at some Bigfoot screen moments from past decades…

Harry and the Hendersons (1987) John Lithgow led a cast that also included Don Ameche, Lainie Kazan, and M. Emmett Walsh, in this crowdpleasing fantasy about a Seattle area family’s encounters with Sasquatch. The towering actor Kevin Peter Hall donned the hairy Harry suit both for the movie and the namesake TV series that debuted in 1990. Hall also portrayed the title character in Predator (1987) and its 1990 sequel.

Bigfoot and Wildboy (1977): A giant wooly man-monster in the Pacific Northwest raises a human child who wears pelts and together they fight the good fight against crooks, polluters, and hairballs.

The Six-Million Dollar Man (1976): Movie fans know wrestling legend Andre the Giant for The Princess Bride but primetime television fans already knew him for his Bicentennial portrayal of Bigfoot on this popular 1970s sci-fi adventure series. The character (popular enough to be brought back for rematches with Steve Austin)  wasn’t actually a Bigfoot — he was a synthetic guardian built to hide the covert base of alien visitors.

Patterson-Gimlin Footage (1967): Here’s a enhanced version of the video footage that purported to show the real Bigfoot in California in 1967. The authenticity of the footage has been challenged over the years but the debate only pumped up the public curiosity into the woolly legend.

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