Hillary Clinton Email Server Probe Revived By State Department, Washington Post Claims

Hillary Chelsea Clinton
The ex-Sec of State is staying away from the 2020 race but not the Democrats' ATM home turf. Mediapunch/Shutterstock

Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server while she served as secretary of state, potentially exposing secret information to foreign governments, is back under increased scrutiny by the State Department.

The Washington Post reported Saturday that as many as 130 former Clinton aides have been told that emails sent years ago have now been deemed classified and are potential security violations. The emails were sent to Clinton’s unsecured homebrew server.

“I think that one of the great crimes committed is Hillary Clinton deleting 33,000 emails after Congress sends her a subpoena,” Trump said earlier this week alongside Ukraine’s president. “Think of that. You can’t even do that in a civil case; you can’t get rid of evidence like that.”

The alleged ramping up of the email probe began in August, according to the WaPo. Clinton has been out on a book promotion tour in support of her new work with daughter Chelsea, Gutsy Women. Hillary Clinton’s statements on the tour seemed to leave the door cracked for a potential late entry into the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination race, as Clinton said in one stop that mistakes made previously would not be repeated.

“This has nothing to do with who is in the White House,” a senior State Department official​ told the newspaper. “This is about the time it took to go through millions of emails, which is about 3½ years.”

A​drienne Elrod, ​a spokeswoman for Clinton’s presidential run, said in a tweet the effort was “politically biased.”

The issue of criminal culpability on the emails was seemingly laid to rest in July 2016, when former FBI Director James Comey said he was not recommending criminal charges against Clinton. He said she was “extremely careless” for using the server.

Comey notified Congress weeks before the election that the FBI was reopening the probe. But it was then ​shut down on Nov. 6, two days before the election. Clinton pointed to it as one of the reasons she lost the election.

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