Bill Maher: Rudy Giuliani’s New Nickname Is “America’s Traitor”

biill maher

Impeachment wouldn’t be a peachy experience for anyone not even Bill Maher who conceded on Friday night that he isn’t as keen on the endgame tactic now that it more topical and less theoretical.

 “I feel like I’m the dog that caught the car,” the host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher said after months of figuratively hounding the Trump motorcade.

There was less uncertainty in Maher’s voice when he sharpened his wooden stakes and aimed a few points in the direction of Ruldoph Guiliani, who once helped New York emerge from rubble but now seemingly lives under a Washington rock.

“He’s at the center of all this pushing the Biden conspiracy and meeting the Ukrainians,” Maher said, “which explains Rudy’s new nickname: America’s traitor.”

On Dems mindset: “We have an impeachment inquiry. An inquiry [as in] ‘We may not get a puppy. We’re just here to look.”


On Trump’s vulnerability: “Trump must have an ‘Impeachment-Act-a-Day’ calendar that he has used for the last year. So why will this one be different from all the other times?”

On Trump team inadvertently sharing strategic summary documents with Dems: “This is the political equivalent of sending a dick pic to your mom.”

On Trump’s global engagement: “This raises some very serious questions like: Is there a foreign country that he hasn’t asked to interfere in out elections?”

On the view of impeachment merits in “middle” America: “Will any of it resonate east of La Brea?”

On presidential perfection: “It was a ‘perfect call,’ he said it a million times. ‘Perfect.’ Never at a loss for word, thatDonald Trump…my question is, if it was such a perfect call why are you acting like a bedwetter trying to hurry up and wash the sheets?”

The guests included novelist Salman Rushdie discussing his new book, Quicheotte, which is an exploration of Trump’s America, of which the Commander-in-Chef may be a symptom, a cause, or something in between. Maher noted that Trump is never actually named in the novel. Rushdie’s reply: “What can I say? I didn’t want his name in my f***ing book.”

Maher also hectored the left for matching the censorship tendencies of the right and for exhausting and uncomfortable displays of white guilt and political correctness. Its one thing to feel the pain of others but only if they are actually aching, Maher hinted.

“White liberals have to start listening to me when I tell them: You can’t be more offended than the victim.” Maher added that it’s “sad” to see free speech lose its “natural mooring” on the left.



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