Fox Adopts New Twitter Voice To Launch Fall Season And It’s Confusing Everybody

Strange things are afoot over at Fox’s Twitter account — or are they? The network launched its new on-air look Sunday as well as its new programming. Along with that, Fox introduced a new Twitter “voice.”

At first, it seemed like someone hacked into Fox’s account or maybe a disgruntled employee acting out. The peculiar behavior actually is a new social media voice for Fox — and it’s working in its own bizarre way.

About 24 hours ago, Fox began posting GIFs of its shows featuring characters saying some form of goodbye. We see Bob and Linda from Bob’s Burgers saying “Bye!”, the creepy rabbit from The Masked Singer giving us a wave, the popular meme of Homer Simpson disappearing into the bushes and, of course, Cookie Lyon from Empire saying “Bye, Felicia!” On top of that, they shared a GIF of the Fox logo shattering.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Fox tweeted: “It’s about time I got a makeover! What do you think?” before it started playfully namechecking other networks. “This isn’t us, but I guess we can still be friends!” it said to NBC and “Will you accept my rose?” to ABC. Fox also gave shout-outs to Hulu, Netflix, CBS, the CW and HBO.

Twitter users either were wildly entertained by Fox’s new Twitter voice or totally confused. One user wrote, “Y’all I’m living for @FOXTV rn. My new hero,” while others were just puzzled, saying, “Did @FOXTV get hacked? TF is going on..” and “Did @FOXTV have three cups of coffee and then log onto Twitter?”

Whether you like it or not, Fox Twitter has a new voice and the network is having fun with it.

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