‘Pod Save America’ Producer Crooked Media To Launch Narrative Podcast About Healthcare With Dr. Abdul El-Sayed

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EXCLUSIVE: Pod Save America producer Crooked Media is launching a narrative podcast that will explore public health in America.

The company, which is run by ex-President Obama staffs Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor and Jon Lovett, the latter who also wrote on The Newsroom, is launching America Dissected with Abdul El-Sayed.

The show, which will go beyond the headlines to understand the everyday threats to our national wellbeing, from the rise of anti-vaxxers and the price of prescription drugs, to the true causes of the opioid epidemic.

Hosted by 2018 candidate for Governor of Michigan, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, the 10-part series will comes as healthcare sits at the center of the 2020 Presidential debates. Dr. El-Sayed will draw from his experience as Detroit’s Public Health Director following the city’s bankruptcy and during Flint’s water crisis to inform his exploration of how public health policies are critically important to ensuring our individual and collective health.

It will include interviews with healthcare activist Ady Barkan; Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, the pediatrician who exposed the Flint water crisis; OB/GYN and reproductive rights advocate Dr. Jen Gunter.

The first two episodes of the series will debut Monday September 30, with new episodes released each week.

Dr. Abdul El-Sayed said, “I’m excited to team up with the good folks at Crooked Media on ‘America Dissected’ which we hope will empower listeners through accessible interviews and explanations—about everything from cells to society—to understand the key health challenges we’re facing right now. Rigorous science and competent government have never been more important—and we want to remind people why they matter. After all, this election cycle, lives are on the line; and I hope that the show will inspire folks to make healthy political choices that protect these critical institutions—and all of our health.”

“As a public health expert and former political candidate from Michigan, a state that has been in the news for many public health challenges, you could say Dr. El-Sayed has been preparing to host ‘America Dissected’ for his entire career,” added Sarah Geismer, Crooked’s Head of Development & Production. “His first-hand experience responding to health threats and his bold, progressive voice, gives him a unique perspective into public health and how people interact with it in all aspects of their lives. We are thrilled for Dr. El-Sayed to join our slate of dynamic hosts and are excited to bring his deep knowledge and vision for health in the United States to our audience.”


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