Bill Hader Evades Question About Shane Gillis’ ‘SNL’ Controversy, Addresses Sensitivity In Comedy – Emmys Backstage

Bill Hader
Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Bill Hader, speaking backstage to the press tonight following his Best Actor Comedy Emmy win, was promptly asked his thoughts over his late night alma mater Saturday Night Live firing comedian Shane Gillis over his past racial slurs.

“No, I have no thoughts on that,” answered Hader. However, the Barry star and co-creator opted to comment on a follow-up question about how sensitive comedy has become today.

Said Hader, “You shouldn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, I think especially in comedy. (If) you did stuff six or seven years ago that wouldn’t be good now, that’s for good reason….Like everybody, you have to grow.”

“I’m never interested in upsetting anybody,” added Hader.

While backstage, Hader updated everyone on season 3 of his Emmy-winning comedy series Barry. 

“We just met for the first time. It’s really f*cked up and terrifying. But I like this trend (of comedies being more dramatic). (There) used to be a thing that you can’t do as long as it’s about character. I think Fleabag does it incredibly well.”

Hader continued that he and co-creator Alec Berg don’t have “a sense of an end point.”

“We have no idea how season 3 starts. We write ourselves in a corner and we forget about it. We get back into the writers room and ask ourselves, ‘How did we let (Henry Winkler’s character) Cousineau find out who he is?”

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