Fox Censors Sarah Silverman’s Salty Complaint On Emmy Red Carpet About…Censorship

Sarah Silverman Kelly Osbourne

Fox censors hit the mute button on Sarah Silverman’s salty comments on Sunday during the network’s coverage of the arrivals carpet from the 71st Emmy Awards. In a wry twist, Silverman’s clipped comment was a critique of today’s “cancel culture” and its smothering effect on truly trenchant comedy.

Silverman was answering a question posed by Kelly Osbourne, one of Fox’s pre-show interviewers, but the last four words of her reply were quickly excised from the broadcast thanks to the broadcast’s slightly delayed feed and the crisp reflexes of a network censor ¬†who blanched at Silverman’s use of a word that is only one letter off from “fussy.”

“There’s definitely pressure,” Silverman said. “There’s a kind of righteousness porn going on in this cancel culture. There’s nuance to it. There’s good and there’s bad. As a stand-up, it’s really odd. To talk about what’s really going on or to talk about the world as we decide to see it — or to push to see where the line is and to go past it — is so oddly unacceptable it’s safer to…”

Amateur lip-reading skills suggest that Silverman’s sentiment ended with the four-word phrase “just make p*ssy jokes.” Osbourne, no stranger to ripe language, laughed and agreed with Silverman, who went on to bemoan the fact that this year’s Emmys don’t have a host, eliminating yet another natural forum for comedy and commentary.

“It’s an odd time but I hope comedy pushes through,” Silverman said, unaware that she had just been blanked by Osbourne’s producers.

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