Maher: Trump’s European Union Is ‘A Threeway’ With Russia, Ukraine


President Donald Trump got in bed with Moscow to get elected and now he’s “invited Ukraine in for a three-way” for another round of political dirty-tricks and international infidelity, according to Bill Maher.

The host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher ripped the Commander-in-Chief for taking the low road by allegedly dialing up a foreign leader with the shady intention of undermining his Democratic rivals as they seek his Election Day ouster.

“A U.S. president, now, is using taxpayer money to pressure a foreign government to smear his political opponent,” the firebrand comedian said. “It’s not enough that Trump has Russia meddling in the election – now we’ve invited Ukraine in for a three-way.”

The show airs live on the East Coast but is recorded in Los Angeles so the studio audience responded heartily when the host hectored GOP notables in Southern California.

“President Trump was in LA this week…I love the Republicans out here, they always say that they are not ashamed to be associated with Trump, and yet when he’s here they come and go by tunnel.”

Trump wasn’t the only target onFriday night. Maher’s extended riffs on Joe Biden’s eccentricities, infirmities, and ill-timed cognitive misadventures may have lacked the venom of the host’s attacks on Trump but the collective effect may be more damning by making the liberal candidate seem feckless.

Maher also sneered at the legacy of the left’s mollycoddling tendencies in both metaphorical and in applied ways. “Democrats,” Maher said, “are the super-indulgent parent who never disciplined the kid, who now can get away with anything.”

Former U.N. Ambassador Samantha J. Power was especially impressive in her clear-eyed  take on the need for disaffected and aggrieved Americans to set aside cynicism and grudges and accept that any path that leads to improvement will require constructive engagement.

Power did express a bit of her own frustration with the administration’s foreign policy approach, however, when she summed its primary goal as trying to “f— up as many things as quickly as possible.”

Power also said: “The most backsliding that is happening right now in the world is within established democracies like this one, and freedom is in decline.”

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