Fox & “Big Ass Fans” Losing Battle With L.A. Heat & Humidity On Emmy Red Carpet – Update

Emmy Big Ass Fans

UPDATED, Sunday 3:20 PM: We finally got a look at those “Big Ass” fans — they aren’t floor industrial fans that could inconveniently blow your hair out-of-style, rather hanging ceiling fans along the initial long sprawl of this year’s Emmy ‘purple’ carpet.  At a very thick 93 degrees outside, it’s still sweltering. Luckily there’s champagne and Fiji Water around.

Emmy Red Carpet 2019

In earlier years, networks have tried to set up an AC-system on the tented red carpet, but it didn’t work. Still we’ve had worse with 2015 clocking triple digits and that was without “Big Ass” fans on the red carpet. No reports of TV hosts changing their tuxedo shirts yet.

Fans in the stands were armed with…fans. Fox is spoiling guests with a touch-up station and with tchotchkes in the media HQ i.e. eye glass cloths, chapstick, facial spray, mints, etc. The entrance way to the red carpet via the Staples Center was pretty swanky as you can see on the left complete with champagne, Tide stick, Bandaids, mints, and H2O.

Emmy Red Carpet Humid
Emmy Red Carpet 2019: Fans trying to stay cool with fans. Deadline

PREVIOUSLY, Friday PM: It’s going to be another scorcher at the Emmys on Sunday with weather reports already seeing temperatures in the 90s. How can the Emmys conquer this ferocious annual heat wave? Nothing says cool more than having a “Big Ass Fan” on the red carpet.

Excuse me, what’s that, now? In order to provide a “cooler” experience this year, Fox Entertainment is working with the company “Big Ass Fans” and their HVAC engineer to design a comfortable experience on the red carpet. Fox reports that there will be a high mesh-covered truss structure with 7 “Big Ass” fans that will circulate the air conditioning down to the guests on the carpet. Big generic fans at previous Emmy ceremonies were from Home Depot and didn’t do the trick; they were just there for looks. Emmys 2015 (the last time Fox hosted) was one of the most brutal red carpets temperature-wise in recent memory clocking in the triple digits, causing then EXTRA host Mario Lopez to sweat profusely and putting him through tuxedo shirt changes.

At recent Emmys, the red carpet has been tented with AC, which has its up and downside. Even though it was 81 degrees and sunny last year, some attendees were still drenched and complained about the heat.

Other highlights of this year’s Emmy red carpet thanks to the new Fox Entertainment: If your face is melting, don’t worry, there’s a makeup touch-up station, set up just as you’re arriving to the photo portion of the carpet. And if you have a run in your stockings, a sash loose, or a random hair in your eyes, there’s a wardrobe fix and hair touch-up area.

Thirsty? Nothing quenches your thirst more than fluted champagne, and flat/sparkling cucumber-infused water. Grab some as you’re walking through the 100-foot pathway in the Staples Center to the red carpet. There’s also ten different deconstructed survival kit products – including tissues, hand sanitizers, Tide Pens and mints. The red carpet happens at the Emmys this Sunday at 2PM PST.

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