Emmys: Comedian Thomas Lennon As Voice-Over Presenter, No Orchestra, Pop Songs As Walk-Up Music


Reposted from 9/20: This marks the first Primetime Emmy Awards for the newly independent Fox Entertainment, and the network is looking to put its stamp on the ceremony with several tweaks.

The biggest, of course, is going host-less for only the fourth time in Emmy history and for the first time since 2003, also on Fox.

Emmy Awards
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The network also is trying to liven up voice-over narration, an indelible but invisible part of any awards show that is never memorable. Fox is looking to change that by employing a comedian for the job, actor-comedian Thomas Lennon, who starred in a half-hour pilot for the network this past season.

Main part of voiceover Emmty presenter’s job is to read a factoid or two about a winner’s prior Emmy nomination/win history while the person/program’s producing team are walking to the stage to pick up the award. Instead, Lennon will provide colorful commentary during each Emmy winner walk-up, described as ” a refreshing, lighthearted take on the traditional factoids that audiences typically learn as winners make their way to the podium mixed with jokes, commentary and unexpected anecdotes.”

CBS tried a similar approach in 2017, also employing an actor-comedian, Jermaine Fowler, as voiceover Emmy presenter. He got a lot of attention for the gig, which broke with tradition. That included him serving as voiceover presenter not only off- bit also on-camera. Lennon will be off-camera the entire time.

Fox also is giving walk-up music a makeover. The network is ditching the traditional band or orchestra, which is very rare and has not been done at the Emmys in a long time.

Instead of an orchestra performing winner walk-up music on Sunday, the Emmys will feature  popular songs carefully curated to tie into a series, characters or nominees themselves, which will play as they they are walking toward the microphone.

The approach is reminiscent to the walk-up songs used at football games and wrestling events, which would fit into Fox’s identity as home of NFL games and WWE SmackDown. 

Also infused with pop culture and looking to appeal to younger viewers will be the In Memoriam montage, which will be done to a cover song performed by young pop star Halsey.

Additionally, Workaholics and Modern Family‘s Adam Devine, also appealing to younger fans, will deliver a special variety-themed performance to introduce variety series

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