A Whistleblower Stop On Stephen Colbert’s Donald Trump Tour

Evan Vucci/Shutterstock

Stephen Colbert made the inevitable whistleblower jokes during his Late Show monologue tonight, riffing on reports that President Donald Trump’s foreign policy became a matter of “urgent concern” to some.


For the few who aren’t familiar with the Talking Point/News Story du Jour, the Beltway was abuzz last night and today with talk of a whistleblower within the intelligence community crying foul over a recent conversation that Trump had with an unidentified foreign leader that involved some sort of “promise.” No one is saying what the vow entailed or who was on the other line or even who called it out, but the CNNs and MSNBCs of the dial were all over it all day.

But Colbert put everyone’s mind at ease re that alleged POTUS “promise”: “Thank God Trump never keeps his promises,” he said, adding, “In fact, Eric is still waiting by the front door to go to Disney World.”

Earlier in his stand-up, the CBS host noted: “Remember a couple years ago when Trump first got into office, we were all so nervous that Donald Trump was some sort of sleeper agent who was gonna sell America out to a foreign power behind our backs? Well, it’s Throwback Thursday!”

Here’s some video of the Colbert-in-Chief whistleblowing while he works:


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