‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ Looks At President Trump’s “Dastardly” Things


Stephen Colbert took the magnifying glass to the Middle East tonight during his monologue on CBS’ The Late Show.

“Tensions have been high since the fall of Jericho,” Colbert cracked. A clip featuring President Donald Trump then was played, in which the Commander-in-Chief said that the lack of military action in retaliation for the attack on Saudi Arabian oil fields “is a sign of strength. It’s very easy to attack. There’s plenty of time to do some dastardly things.”

Colbert leaped on the “D” word. “I’m not saying attacking Iran is the right ting to do. But dastardly is how you describe a villain in a 1930s two-reeler.”

Trump then mentioned that he wouldn’t use “the ultimate option,” but noted there are other ultimate options.

“OK, but by definition, there can only be one ultimate option,” said Colbert. “There can be an alternative option: power steering and a sunroof.”

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