Roseanne Barr Details Comeback Plan And Bashes Sara Gilbert Over Firing


Nearly a year and a half after she was fired from her self-titled ABC sitcom, Roseanne Barr says she’s working on a comedy comeback.

The actress and comedian discussed her future and her firing in a Monday interview with DailyMailTV. As Deadline previously reported, Barr is teaming up with Andrew Dice Clay for the Mr. and Mrs. America Tour, which kicks off at the end of the week.

“It’s exciting because we’ve known each other for so long and we’ve never toured together,” she said about Andrew Dice Clay. She added that Clay convinced her to join him on the road.

“Dice talked me into it. He goes ‘people are wanting to hear what you have to say,'” she explained.

Barr was fired from Roseanne in May 2018, after she posted a racially-charged tweet about former Obama adviser, Valerie Jarrett. ABC canceled the sitcom and showed Barr the door.

The comedian said Monday she hasn’t watched The Conners spinoff, and is only interested in repeats of the original version of Roseanne. She went on to accuse ABC of using her controversial tweet and firing as “an excuse to steal [her] life’s work.”

“It was a perfect storm, kind of a little bit too perfect,” she claimed. “Sometimes I think, ‘was this orchestrated?’ The whole thing in asking me back.”

Barr also criticized former co-star Sara Gilbert, and said she was particularly bothered by Gilbert’s tweet last year saying Barr’s post about Jarrett was “abhorrent.”

“That’s the tweet that got the show canceled,” Barr insisted about Gilbert’s post.

Gilbert serves as an executive producer on The Conners, which returns on September 24. While the two have known each other for years, Barr said she no longer speaks to her TV daughter.

“When somebody just doesn’t care how their actions affect you, what’s there to talk about?” she said, adding that she doesn’t talk to anyone from the show.

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