MSNBC Anchor Katy Tur Returns From Maternity Leave, Calls On Congress For More Family Time Off

MSNBC anchor Katy Tur came back from maternity leave with a message: babies need time with their parents.

Returning today from the April birth of her son, she called on lawmakers and presidential daughter Ivanka Trump to work harder to expand the right to equal paid time off for both parents.

“Parents need time with their babies. Babies need time with their parents. And moms need support, and if that support is coming from a partner, that partner should get equal time off, paid time off, emphasis on paid,” Tur said during her afternoon MSNBC news program. “Family leave supports babies, which supports us all.”

“The people who work around here, who work in that building on the Hill behind me, talk about figuring it out,” she added. “But for some reason, it still hasn’t gotten done. Hasn’t even gotten a vote. And that is shameful.”

Tur married CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil in 2017.  She also told the audience about the physical difficulties she had during her absence.

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