‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Takes A Closer Look At President Trump’s Bahamas And Bolton Decisions


Always caustic Seth Meyers took on President Trump’s decisions on the firing of National Security Adviser John Bolton and his caution in not allowing Bahamian refugees into the country in tonight’s A Closer Look segment.

As expected, Meyers was not a fan of either move.

Meyers thought that Trump’s decision to require proper documentation if Bahamians were seeking temporary protection status in the US was wrong. Trump cited the possibility that “bad people” from the UK’s island nation would infiltrate into the US while posing as refugees from the Hurricane Dorian devastation.

“I’m sorry, you think drug dealers sneaked into the Bahamas and hid out there in the middle of a hurricane,” Meyers said,  noting that the only people who wound up in the Bahamas who didn’t belong there were “people who got on the wrong cruise.” Meyers noted that Trump “has always conflated immigrants with criminals.”

Bolton’s firing/resignation (depending on who is telling the tale) was also in the Meyers crosshairs. Meyers was particularly bothered by Trump characterizing Bolton as a “tough guy” on Iraq, noting Bolton was well-known as a warhawk.

“It’s like firing someone for embezzlement when they had embezzlement under “Skills” on their resume,” Meyers chortled.

Watch the complete segment above.


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