‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ Provides A Trump Geography Lesson

Stephen Colbert Skewers Donald Trump's Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Retweets

President Donald Trump insists that Hurricane Dorian had Alabama in danger. The Late Show host Stephen Colbert insists that it was not.

That was the showdown on tonight’s show, with Colbert insisting Trump stayed “laser-focused” on the hurricane’s path, using maps “from a week ago” to prove his point that Alabama was in harm’s way.

Colbert scoffed:  “The path of your head goes straight where the sun don’t shine.”

The host also had contempt for Trump’s retweet of an Alabama National Guard posting, where the President noted, “I was with you all the way, Alabama. The fake news media was not. ”

Said Colbert, “He was comforting imaginary victims of an imaginary disaster.” But what will happen when Trump visits those in South Carolina, who were actually affected by the Hurricane Dorian storm surge? Colbert said, using his imitation of Trump’s voice, that the state will have a new name, “or, as many call it, East Alabama.”

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