Donald Trump Used A Sharpie To Alter The Weather Map, Claim Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah Comedy Central

Great comedy minds often think alike. And so it was with the nightly political comics, Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert, who tonight each offered the same joke in slightly different ways.

The target of their comedy was – wait for it – President Donald Trump, whose comments that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama were opposed to the path predicted and plotted by the National Weather Service.

Not one to be deterred by potentially being wrong, Trump held up a revised sign in the Oval Office that showed a new direction for the storm. Its path had been extended by what looked suspiciously like a Sharpie drawing.

“I’m impressed Trump can locate Alabama on a map,” said The Daily Show’s Noah. He added: “He wanted to give the hurricane bigger boobs. It was a Category 5. Now it’s a 10.”

Stephen Colbert on The Late Show characterized Trump as helping the only way he knows, “By being an old man yelling at wind.”

He referred to the President as the Weather-Tracker-in-Chief, and likened Trump’s description of the storm: “erratic, very powerful and destructive” – as “like looking in the mirror.”

When Trump pulled out the National Weather Service map, Colbert noted that “He gave the storm a boob job, saying in a faux Trump voice, “Before I did that, she was a category 5. Now she’s a category 10.”

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