Conan O’Brien Kicks The Tires In Greenland And Likes What He Sees


Conan O’Brien set off across Greenland tonight for his Conan Without Borders: Greenland special.

After President Trump expressed interest in buying the island from Denmark, the TBS late-night host flew there on an exploratory mission.

His goal: To find out if Greenland would make a good investment, although Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen insists it’s not for sale.

After taking in the scenery, O’Brien said he was all for Trump making the Greenland purchase happen.

“It is absolutely gorgeous here. I’m so excited about America getting this. I really do think this is going to be great for us,” O’Brien told his tour guide, who was clearly confused.

At another point, the comedian examined a popular statue of a naked woman surrounded by sea creatures known as “Mother of the Sea.”

Unfortunately, Conan told his guide the statue was a bit problematic. “I see an inter-species orgy. Some seal on bear, on woman, on dude action,” he quipped.

Conan Without Borders: Greenland airs tonight, September 3 at 10/9c on TBS.

Watch the video below.

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