MPAA Fires Top Lawyer After Rape Allegations & Arrest

Three days after being arrested by District of Columbia police for the alleged sexual assault and attempt to blackmail a woman he met on an online dating site, the general counsel of the Motion Picture Association of America has been axed from the Hollywood lobbyist organization.

“This is to inform you that Steve Fabrizio’s employment with the MPAA has ended for violating certain terms of employment,” MPAA CEO Charles Rivkin wrote to the board of the Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros representing group today after their top in-house attorney was charged in the nation’s capitol on August 24.

“I’ve asked Daniel Robbins to be interim General Counsel as we embark on a search for a permanent replacement,” ex-U.S. Ambassador to France Rivkin informed the board on Monday too. In his now former job for the past six years, once Recording Industry Association of America, business and legal affairs SVP Fabrizio has been scrubbed from the MPAA masthead and website as his former deputy took over his old job.

D.C. Metropolitan Police did not respond to request for comment on the matter of the claims against Fabrizio or the charges filed in the past few days. The incidents in question are said to have occurred on the night of August 23.

Inside the MPAA, one source said, “the whole thing is a total shit show.” Another more circumspect MPAAer told Deadline “these charges, if true, are both shocking and intolerable to the Association.” They added: “We had no prior knowledge of this behavior before these charges were publicly filed.”

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