Conan O’Brien Tours Greenland, Finds Something To Make Trump “More Interested”

Conan O'Brien looks at statue in Greenland. (Credit: TBS)

By now you’ve probably heard President Trump wants to buy Greenland. While some people think the idea is nuts, Conan O’Brien is intrigued.

On Monday night’s episode of Conan, the TBS late-night host said he flew to Greenland “on behalf of the United States” for an exploratory mission.

“I left Wednesday night and just got back,” he explained, adding that he took a camera crew along and shot an upcoming special. “It’s going to be called Conan in Greenland,” the comedian said.

Conan was inspired after news broke that the Trump administration was looking into buying Greenland from Denmark. Trump believes the island would be of strategic value. But Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is among those swatting down the idea.

O’Brien didn’t give away much about his special, although he did show the audience a famous statue of a topless woman called “Mother of the Sea”

“I think Trump will be more interested after he sees this statue,” O’Brien quipped.

Conan in Greenland airs Tuesday, September 3 at 10/9c on TBS.

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