President Donald Trump On CNN Hiring Of Andrew McCabe: “Disgraceful!”

Jim Lo Scalzo/Shutterstock

President Donald Trump has few friends in the media, so it’s not surprising that he would take umbrage at the CNN hiring of disgraced former FBI agent Andrew McCabe.

The Commander-in-Tweet has recently lamented the apparent downgrading of Fox News sympathies from Juan Williams and its hiring of Donna Brazile. Today, he added McCabe to the hit list, a former FBI agent who authorized the investigation into Trump ties to Russia and potential obstruction of justice. He was ultimately fired in 2018 after the Justice Dept. found he leaked to the media, then lied to investigators about the blabber.

President Trump has noted that Fox News is leading the ratings pack, and has supported his favorites at the news channel, despite his misgivings on its recent shifts on his coverage.

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