Oscars: Palme D’Or Winner ‘Parasite’ Is South Korea’s Submission For International Feature Race


Bong Joon-ho’s multi-genre comedy-thriller Parasite is Korea’s submission for the International Feature Film prize at the 92nd Oscars.The Korean Film Council announced the selection today, giving Bong his second potential shot at a place in the final race after 2006’s Mother which was also submitted.

Parasite, about a low-income family that works its way into a rich family’s lives as household employees, won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. It also sold worldwide via CJ Entertainment, and Neon has it dated for October 11 in New York and Los Angeles, positioning it for awards season.

Somewhat shockingly for a market with a strong homegrown industry, Korea has never had a film advance to an Oscar nomination. Last year, Burning made the shortlist, but not beyond. Earlier this year, Parasite was hailed at home as a triumph by an eager, and sophisticated, audience.

After a great opening in June, Parasite went on to gross over $71.3M locally and ranks as the current No 4 movie in the market, and the No. 2 for local pictures.

Bong told Deadline earlier this year that the inspiration for Parasite came with the question of, “What would happen if the two families — the rich family and the poor family, who occupy very different spaces in the city — would meet? What would happen if those two worlds were to collide? That was the beginning of the film. And the two families intersect when the son of the poor family becomes the tutor for the rich family.” He also said it’s difficult to define as a genre. “It could be a crime drama. It could be a family drama. It could be a black comedy. It’s a mix of a variety of genres.”

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