Openers On The DL; ‘The Farewell’ On The Threshold Of $13M: Specialty Box Office

Cinema Guild’

The weekend has mostly been a snooze for the specialties, save for a couple of holdovers. Frameline jury prize winner End Of The Century came out on top with an exclusive run at IFC Center in New York, with a $10,398 estimated gross for the three-day, while Venice premiere documentary Aquarela from Sony Classics dipped in at $23,474 in five locations, averaging $4,693.

We couldn’t be happier that End Of The Century found the reception it deserves from critics and audiences opening weekend,” noted Cinema Guild’s Tom Sveen Sunday. “Lucio’s film is the end of the summer romance everyone needed.” End Of the Century will next head to the Nuart Theatre on September 20, followed by the Opera Plaza in San Francisco the following weekend. Added Sveen: “In between and throughout the months ahead, we’ll be expanding to theaters in Miami, Philadelphia, Atlanta Denver, Minneapolis and others with lots festivals in between.”

The Peanut Butter Falcon

Some second weekend holdovers had some zest. Roadside Attractions travel dramedy The Peanut Butter Falcon with Shia LaBeouf and Dakota Johnson played an additional 32 runs in its second frame to decent numbers in the three-day. The title grossed $294K in 49 theaters, averaging $6K (-50%), bringing its come to just under $590K. The Peanut Butter Falcon bowed in 17 locations last weekend, grossing $204,793, averaging $12,047.

After The Wedding with Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams jumped to 26 theaters in its second frame from its start in five locations. The drama grossed just under $87K in the Friday to Sunday estimate, averaging $3,345. It bowed with a $50,264 opening weekend gross, averaging $10,053. After The Wedding is a remake of Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier’s 2007 feature with the same title. The latest version had a slightly higher opening weekend PTA, but the original’s second weekend had a comparatively higher $7,246 average, though it was in only 7 theaters. The re-make has quite a lift to make to get to Bier’s $1.53M  North American cume.

Amazon Studios’ One Child Nation jumped to 19 runs in its second weekend outing for $49,569, averaging $2,609. The Sundance prize winner launched in two theaters, grossing $20,523 ($10,262 PTA).



Oscilloscope doc Jay Myself played an additional theater in its third frame after spending two weeks in a single location. The feature grossed an estimated $13,550 from its two runs, averaging $6,775. Last weekend, Jay Myself grossed $10,828.

Thriller Luce widened to 58 runs in its third weekend. The Neon release grossed slightly under $164K, averaging $2,827. Luce played two dozen theaters last weekend for $134,168 ($5,590 PTA).

IFC Films added a dozen locations for Australian-set period drama The Nightingale for its third weekend bringing its count to 39. Directed by Jennifer Kent, the title grossed $45,409 in the three-day estimate, averaging $1,164 Last weekend, the feature had $58K in 27 theaters, averaging $2,151. 

Sundance World Documentary prize-winner Honeyland played an additional 20 theaters in its fourth weekend. The Neon release grossed right under $57K in 32 theaters, averaging $1,781. Honeyland grossed $34,539 in 12 locations in its previous outing, averaging $2,878. Honeyland has cumed $211,721.

A24’s The Farewell is closing in on $13M. Starring Awkwafina, the Sundance premiere grossed $1.5M, landing 15th in the overall box office as of Sunday afternoon, averaging $1,744 in 861 theaters. The mostly Mandarin-language title grossed nearly $2.1M last weekend, averaging $2,979 in 704 theaters. Its six-week cume is at $12.83M.

The company’s fellow Sundancer The Last Black Man in San Francisco is just shy of $4.5M. Directed by Joe Talbot, the feature grossed $37,490 in its 11th weekend, averaging $1,293 in 29 theaters bringing its cume to $4.48M.

Sony Pictures Classics

SPC doc Maiden is anchored at over $2.25M in its eighth weekend. The Toronto ’18 premiere grossed $186,319 in the three-day estimate, averaging $1,210 in 154 locations.

Aquarela (Sony Pictures Classics) NEW [5 Theaters] Weekend $23,474, Average $4,693

End Of The Century (Cinema Guild) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $10,398


After The Wedding (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 2 [26 Theaters] Weekend $86,957, Average $3,345, Cume $159,378

Bring The Soul: The Movie (Trafalgar Releasing) Week 2 [341 Theaters] Weekend $190,407, Average $558, Cume $4,724,064

One Chid Nation (Amazon Studios) Week 2 [19 Theaters] Weekend $49,569, Average $2,609, Cume $79,367

The Peanut Butter Falcon (Roadside Attractions/Armory Films) Week 2 [49 Theaters] Weekend $294,090, Average $6,002, Cume $589,915


Jay Myself (Oscilloscope) Week 3 [2 Theater] Weekend $13,550, Average $6,775, Cume $71,579

Luce (Neon) Week 3 [58 Theaters] Weekend $163,965, Average $2,827, Cume $530,402

The Nightingale (IFC Films) Week 3 [39 Theaters] Weekend $45,409, Average $1,164, Cume $184,257

Tel Aviv On Fire (Cohen Media Group) Week 3 [30 Theaters] Weekend $60,566, Average $2,019, Cume $234,586

Honeyland (Neon) Week 4 [32 Theaters] Weekend $56,997, Average $1,781, Cume $211,721

David Crosby: Remember My Name (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 5 [41 Theaters] Weekend $45,492, Average $1,110, Cume $385,946

The Farewell (A24) Week 6 [861 Theaters] Weekend $1,501,792, Average $1,744, Cume $12,838,384

Sword Of Trust (IFC Films) Week 6 [20 Theaters] Weekend $12,633, Average $632, Cume $317,512

Marianne And Leonard: Words Of Love (Roadside Attractions) Week 7 [65 Theaters] Weekend $40,502, Average $623, Cume $860,502

Maiden (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 8 [154 Theaters] Weekend $186,319, Average $1,210, Cume $2,251,848

Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire Of Faith (ArtAffects) Week 8 [21 Theaters] Weekend $12,800, Average $610, Cume $1,647,866

Wild Rose (Neon) Week 9 [17 Theaters] Weekend $13,893, Average $817, Cume $1,615,625

The Last Black Man In San Francisco (A24) Week 11 [29 Theaters] Weekend $37,490, Average $1,293, Cume $4,486,017

Free Trip To Egypt (Matson Films) Week 12 [2 Theaters] Weekend $767, Average $384, Cume $32,331 (Fathom Event on 6/12: $71,087)

Echo In The Canyon (Greenwich Entertainment) Week 13 [35 Theaters] Weekend $29,325, Average $838, Cume $3,250,324

The Biggest Little Farm (Neon) Week 16 [27 Theaters] Weekend $17,370, Average $643, Cume $4,339,502

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