Tarantino’s ‘Hollywood’ Has Bountiful $54M Overseas Weekend, Tops ‘Django’ In Debuts; ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Muscles In On $437M WW – International Box Office

Once Upon A Time In America
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UPDATE, WRITETHRU: Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood is having some hot August nights at the international box office with $53.7M from 49 markets this session. That includes 46 new hubs where the Leonardo DiCaprio/Brad Pitt-starrer came in 30% higher than Django Unchained to log the director’s best offshore opening ever, at current rates. Added to the QT record debut in Russia last weekend, the overseas cume on the ode to 1969 is now $66.2M for $180.5M global.

There were No. 1s in 28 markets for Hollywood this frame, led by the UK’s 5-day opening of $8.9M (+76% on Django). The Sony/Bona film is rolling out through September and is coming off a terrific world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, while strong reviews and the marquee pairing of stars and director are resonating.

Also a major pairing at the box office, the Dwayne Johnson/Jason Statham-fronted Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw continued to strut its stuff this weekend, pumping up another $45.7M. That lifts the offshore cume for Universal’s spinoff to $303.3M and global to $437M. This is before they bring the brawn to China on August 23.

The drop in holdovers was 48%, besting those of the three previous F&F movies. As we noted on Friday, Korea is the new standout here with a $15M opening. Despite competition from two strong local holdovers, H&S secured the biggest screen count of the F&F series and, with a holiday in the mix, came in above all previous entries. Korea doesn’t typically index at the high end on an F&F title, but with this weekend the market jumps into the Top 5 so far.

In other news, Disney’s The Lion King is now the No. 9 movie of all time worldwide, having passed Avengers: Age Of Ultron this weekend. An additional $33.8M came from 54 offshore markets (-38%) where the cume is now $939.1M for $1,435.2M global.

In China, the late-summer local additions continue to rule the roost, not leaving too much room for Sony’s The Angry Birds Movie 2 which did $10M there. Overall, the $19.4M this weekend lifts the sequel’s overseas cume to $30.2M. Homegrown juggernaut Ne Zha is still leading play in the Middle Kingdom, now with an estimated cume of $594M as it looks to knock Avengers: Endgame out of the No. 2 slot for the year.

Sony’s having a mighty fine weekend overall, however. Along with the record Hollywood bows, Spider-Man: Far From Home tops Skyfall today to become the studio’s biggest film ever worldwide. The cume is now $1.109B.

Elsewhere, Universal’s domestic champ Good Boys debuted in 13 international markets for $2.1M. The UK was the only major to release this session. CBS Films’ Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark had a solid Mexico opening at No. 1 with $2.8M.

In local titles, Akshay Kumar-starrer Mission Mangal made about $10.6M through Saturday after kicking off with the star’s career-best first day, according to reports out of India. We will update with a full weekend estimate when the numbers become available.

Next weekend’s big curiosity will be the debut of Hobbs & Shaw in China; depending on how the market goes, the spinoff is eyeing a potential $700M+ global finish. Elsewhere, Fox Searchlight’s horror pic Ready Or Not will hit some smaller hubs while Lionsgate’s Angel Has Fallen hits the UK and a smattering of other hubs.

Breakdowns on this week’s films above and more have been updated below.


Sergei Ilnitsky/Shutterstock
Quentin Tarantino’s love letter to 1969 came in tops at the international box office this weekend, enjoying a $53.7M second frame. This, in effect, was the official opening as last week’s Russia, Taiwan and Hong Kong acted as a teaser. Russia had bowed to a record QT score while the 46 new markets this session combined to give the director the best launch of his career. The debut hubs landed 30% higher than Django Unchained at today’s rates. They also topped Leonardo DiCaprio/Margot Robbie-starrer The Wolf Of Wall Street by 19%. The international cume is now $66.2M for a global running tally of $180.5M. At historic rates, that means Hollywood is already Tarantino’s 5th biggest grosser worldwide. Offshore markets to come include Mexico, Japan, Italy and Korea. No confirmation yet on China.

There were No. 1s in 28 opening markets this session, led by the UK’s 5-day total of $8.9M (+76% on Django). France started with $6.9M which is on par with Django. Tarantino excels here, particularly as he has such strong ties to the Cannes Film Festival where Hollywood world premiered. Anecdotally, in the southern town of Aix-en-Provence, the movie is playing in two of the three main cinemas — one is hosting the dubbed version, and the other has the English-language original, with French subtitles. On Thursday this week (a holiday that typically draws folks to other pastimes) the subtitled seances were SRO from early evening.

In Germany, the weekend (including previews) was $5.6M. Australia grossed $4.4M (68% over Django), and Spain bowed to $3.6M. Russia’s cume rose to $13.3M after another $3M weekend. Hong Kong and Taiwan, where Bona is releasing the Sony title, are at $1.2M and $1.1M, respectively.


Hobbs And Shaw
Universal Pictures
With a franchise record in Korea this weekend, Universal spinoff Hobbs & Shaw pumped up its international cume to $303.3M for $437M global. The full weekend was $45.7M in 67 markets. That’s a 48% drop from the holdover hubs, besting the dips of The Fate Of The Furious (-56%), Furious 7 (-49%) and Fast & Furious 6 (-56%) in comparable markets and at the same stage of play.

Benefiting from a holiday in Korea, the opening there was a terrific $15M. This is the best start for the series which doesn’t typically overindex in the market. The No. 1 launch was above The Fate Of The Furious (+51%), Furious 7 (+89%) and Fast 6 (+193%). Korea instantly leap-frogged into the Top 5 markets so far. This is all before China gets in on the action/banter fest next Friday (August 23). The Middle Kingdom loves the franchise, and Johnson and Statham, but it’s a fickle place in a fickle time; we’ll know more later this week. Depending on how things go, H&S is looking at a $700M+ global final.

The Top 5 markets so fare are Japan ($22.8M), UK ($19.6M), Russia ($16.8M), Mexico ($15.6M) and Korea ($15M).


'The Lion King' will break July Box Office Records
Disney’s The Lion King moved up the charts to become the No. 9 movie of all time globally with $1,435.2M through Sunday. It is also the No. 2 release of 2019 domestically, overseas and worldwide. The drop from last session was 38% with $33.8M more in the offshore coffers which currently total $939.1M. The $1B international milestone should hit soon.

In Europe and Latin America, the Jon Favreau-directed redo of the animated classic is the highest grossing Disney Live Action film ever. In Brazil, TLK is now the No. 2 highest grossing film of all time, behind Avengers: Endgame.

Lion King’s European weekend saw it maintain No. 1 in Belgium (where it is the 2nd biggest movie ever) as well as No. 2s in the UK, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway and Sweden. Regionally in the Middle East, the film is now the 3rd biggest grosser of all time. This means that Disney has the Top 3 all-time releases, along with Aladdin and Endgame. In the Netherlands, The Lion King is now the highest grossing film ever (when excluding the re-release of Titanic).

In Latin America, TLK is the biggest industry film by admissions, holding the No. 1 position in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela this session. It was No. 2 in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

Overall, notable drops were seen in Belgium (-1%), Netherlands (-11%), Japan (-15%), Chile (-19%), Israel (-20%), Germany (-23%), Switzerland (-29%), France (-32%), Sweden (-35%) and Brazil (-35%)

The Top 5 markets to date are: China ($120.3M), UK ($81.1M), France ($67.7M), Brazil ($64M) and Mexico ($50.5M).

Italy joins the pride next weekend and will be the final market to release.


Angry Birds 2
Sony Pictures
After early rollout, the Sony Pictures Animation title is now nesting with $30M from 29 offshore markets. The well-reviewed sequel is flapping its wings, however, versus the last picture. This weekend was worth $19.2M, led by China’s $10M and where local movies are currently dominating. Fast-burn Russia opened at No. 1 for $4.1M.

In the UK, where the birds first took flight, the local cume is $4.3M. Word of mouth and mid-week business has been better there with 4.5 stars on Kids UK PostTrak, and 4 stars on Parents UK PostTrak.

There are more markets to come on the game-to-big screen transfer including Spain, Mexico, Australia, Italy, Germany, Brazil and France — all through mid-October.

Another $9.7M to the dogs this session lifts Illumination/Universal’s sequel to $243.6M overseas and $400.7M globally. There were no new hubs in the frame which was led by Mexico; the market jumped 48% to cume $10.3M so far. France had a 36% drop and has grossed $10.6M to date. Japan saw just a 4% drop and has $15.6M in the food bowl. Germany is the top market in this week’s reporting at $19M.


Toy Story 4
Late last week, Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4 put a Forky in the $1B worldwide box office milestone. The current session was good for $8.6M in 36 markets with international now at $592.2M and global reaching $1,016.6M.

Germany was the last market to go, opening this weekend with $2.2M in the No. 3 slot. This was not expected to be an overindexing market, but does have three weeks of school holidays ahead.
In top holds, Netherlands led with 10% down, followed by Japan (-23%), Colombia (-23%), Belgium (-25%) and France (-28%).

The Top 5 are currently Japan ($81.8M), UK ($76.7M), Mexico ($71.9M), Brazil ($32.5M) and China ($29.1M).

After a small early rollout last weekend, Paramount’s Dora added $6.6M in 24 markets this session. The international cume is now $10.7M. The UK and France were the majors to go digging this weekend with the former bowing to No. 4 with $1.4M at 550 locations. The latter landed No. 6 with $1.2M at 490. There are several majors to come, with Latin America expected to see the best performances. Mexico is on September 13 and Brazil on November 7.


Crawl (PAR): $3.2M intl weekend (28 markets); $25.1M intl cume ($63.7M global)
Spider-Man: Far From Home (SNY): $3.1M intl weekend (64 markets); $733M intl cume ($1.109B global)
*Good Boys (UNI): $2.1M intl weekend (13 markets); $2.1M intl cume ($23.1M global)
Yesterday (UNI): $1.2M intl weekend (27 markets); $56.9M intl cume ($128.6M global)
Padre No Hay Más Que Uno (SNY): $900K intl weekend (Spain only); $7.6M intl cume (No. 2 local movie of 2019 in the market)

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