Fox News Contributors Bash Bernie Sanders For Trying To “Buy Cred” With Cardi B Interview

Bernie Sanders sat down for a wide-ranging interview with rapper Cardi B. (Credit: Bernie Sanders 2020)
Bernie Sanders 2020

Fox News personalities Raymond Arroyo and Jason Chaffetz are perplexed as to why Bernie Sanders would sit down to talk politics with Cardi B.

The Democratic presidential candidate and the Grammy-winning rapper discussed the 2020 election last month at a Detroit nail salon. The video, released this week by the Sanders’ campaign, showed Cardi B interviewing the White House hopeful about wages, jobs, immigration, racism, police brutality, and other issues.

[Watch the Sanders interview below]

Fox News contributor Arroyo dissected the interview last night in the “Friday Follies” segment of The Ingraham Angle.

“This has to be the weirdest pairing of the week,” he said.

Former Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who was sitting in for host Laura Ingraham laughed, and referred to the rapper as “Sanders’ latest campaign sidekick.”

The pair tossed to a social media video in which the Bronx rapper, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, asked what the government was doing with her “f**king tax money.”

“If she’s worried about tax dollars being spent, why is she supporting Bernie Sanders?” Arroyo asked. “His health care plan promises $32 trillion in new taxes, and that’s before you pay for the free tuition, the DACA expansion for the parents.”

Arroyo then brought up Cardi B’s past endeavors (before she became a reality star, and later a chart-topping rapper, she worked as a stripper). After playing a clip of Cardi B talking about stripping, Arroyo bashed the 26-year-old performer and the 77-year-old politician.

“I think Bernie has the stripper vote locked down,” he quipped. “So, he’s gonna move up on those polls, those are a certain type of poll, I guess.”

He then compared Sanders’ interview with the “Money” rapper, to Jay Z’s new partnership with the NFL.

“It reminds me, Jason, of the NFL this week. They recruited Jay-Z to buy cred [credibility] in the African-American community. That’s really what Bernie is trying to do here. They need African-American support in the Democratic caucus, and that’s what this is a stretch toward.”

Chaffetz ended the discussion by saying he doesn’t understand Cardi B’s popularity.

“People actually pay her money. That’s what’s really stunning to me,” he said.

Arroyo added, “I know. It’s absolutely unbelievable.”

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