‘Elementary’ Series Finale: The Adventures of Sherlock and Joan Come To An End

Jeff Neira/CBS

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details about the series finale of Elementary.

The time has come. We need to say goodbye to Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock and Lucy Liu’s Joan after seven seasons of Elementary. The Robert Doherty-created CBS series took its final bow on Thursday night with an episode appropriately titled “Their Last Bow.”

In the last episode, we saw Sherlock fake his own death in order to topple Odin Reichenbach and tonight, we time jumped three years after all these events. Sherlock and Joan are back together again after she used the secret signal to alert him that Moriarty is after them.

They have one of those weird reunions where things haven’t changed too much, but the circumstances make it a tad bit awkward. Sherlock is happy with the work he’s doing around the world while Joan is raising her new adopted son and living her own life.

After they realize Moriarty is not after them, Sherlock looks to go back to his life of global espionage work but then finds out Joan has cancer. Joan being Joan, she is almost certain she will beat it. In one of the most emotional moments of the episode, Sherlock hugs Joan which catches her off-guard. Because of this, Sherlock is staying put in New York.

Fast forward another year and we see Sherlock at a funeral and it is assumed that Joan is dead, but to our surprise (and delight) it’s not her in the coffin. Turns out that Moriarty is dead and Joan is alive and well with zero trace of cancer.

And at the very end, we see that Sherlock and Joan team up to ask if Captain Bell will hire them as consultants, thus ending the series on a high — platonic — note.

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