‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ Asks: Is Donald Trump Trying To Deport Melania?

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah Comedy Central

Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah took a long, hard look at the First Lady of the United States tonight. And why not?  They’re both immigrants, and, as Noah said, they’re both “style icons.”

In a wide-ranging examination, which sent #DontDeportMelania trending Wednesday night, Noah asked some crucial questions about Melania Trump’s immigration status, given the public behavior between the First Couple, which sometimes reflects a petulant relationship. Witness Melania slapping away Trump’s hand like a “Slovenian Dikembe Mutombo,” Noah noted.

All of which led him to question why Donald Trump would make immigration such a focus, given his wife has questions surrounding her own visa. And he reached a conclusion: He’s trying to get her deported.

In 2001, she was granted a visa in the EB-1 green card program, the so-called Einstein visa. “It seems strange, but I guess if you spend enough time standing next to Donald, anyone looks like Einstein.”

Noah then asked, “Who can forget one of his biggest anti-immigration crusades, chain migration?” He then played a recording of Trump saying how immigrants could bring “entire families” over under that policy.

“I want my family back home watching the show to know this is not true,” Noah continued.

Watch the video for more.

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