President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday Edition

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump emerged from a rare day of Twitter silence late this afternoon, renewing his frequent war on three of his big MSNBC critics in “Little” Donny Deutsch, Joe Scarborough and “his very angry Psycho wife,” (aka Mika Brzezinski).

Trump reminisced about his days on NBC’s The Apprentice, recalling how Deutsch would beg him to appear on the show. “I would let him come on though he (& Erin) had very little TV talent.”  The “Erin” is CNN’s Erin Burnett, if you’re following at home.

“Then, during the 2016 Election, I would watch as Joe Scarborough & his very angry Psycho wife(?) would push Donny to the point of total humiliation. He would never fight back because he wanted to stay on TV, even on a very low rated show, all in the name of ambition!”

Trump’s mean guy tweets were apparently an answer to Deutsch’s Friday remarks on Morning Joe that Trump supporters “own the blood that happens.”

Turning away from vengeance, Trump propped up his ongoing trade wars and military arguments in a short, generic tweet.

We will add more as they roll in. The tweetstorm so far:

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