Mike Schur Confident That Current WGA Leadership “Is the Right Way To Go” In Election Amid Agency Standoff

By Nellie Andreeva, Dino-Ray Ramos

Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/Universal Television

Top comedy showrunner Mike Schur was at TCA today to promote two of his NBC series, the final season of The Good Place, which he created and executive produces, and the upcoming Sunnyside, which he executive produces.

But Schur also is a member of the WGA Agency Negotiating Committee, which had been handling talks with the Associations of Talent Agents. It is the lack of negotiation with the agencies that has divided the union membership and led to a number of candidates running for leadership and board positions on a platform advocating a strategy shift.

At TCA, Deadline asked Schur about the current situation with the stalled agency negotiations and pending WGA election.

“There’s a bunch of people running for board of directors and for the leadership. That in some way will be a referendum in how the membership feels like things are going,” Schur said.

In the election, Schur is backing the incumbents but the membership will ultimately set the union’s direction for the next few years.

“Having been on the inside of all of it, I’m pretty confident, personally, that the current leadership is doing a good job and is the right way to go, but the fun thing about being in the union is that it is a democracy and everybody gets to chime in, raise their voice and yell and scream and we’ll do that for a couple of weeks and then we’ll vote and see what happens,” he said.

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