Stephen Colbert Rips Joe Biden Ripping Donald Trump – And John McClane Grins


As usual during his Late Show monologue, Stephen Colbert tonight dug into the day’s most talked-about news stories. Read: whatever the hell Donald Trump said and did. And today it was the president’s penchant for knowing exactly how not to play consoler-in-chief.


Before POTUS left for Dayton and El Paso — the cities in mourning over the weekend’s mass shootings — the leader of the free world stopped to chat with reporters this morning. Asked by one whether he believes his rhetoric has “had an impact on mass shootings,” Trump replied, “I think my rhetoric is a very, uh – it brings people together.” Colbert played that clip then went into his best-worst POTUS 45 voice: “Yes, I believe my rhetoric brings people together into a huge, angry mob chanting, ‘Send her back!’

“And it’s not easy to get a group of old white people to chant in rhythm,” Colbert’s Trump added

The CBS host then turned his attention to Dem front-runner Joe Biden, who gave a lengthy campaign speech in Iowa today about why he wants to be POTUS 46 and the evils of All Things Trump. Colbert played a clip of the ex-veep kicking off the speech by saying: “We’re in a battle for the soul of this nation. That’s why, primarily, I’m running for president.”

Cue Colbert: “Primarily why I’m running,” he said Biden-ly. “I’m also running because I left a DVD of Die Hard 3 in the Oval Office.”

Biden also compared previous presidents’ comforting actions in the wake of tragedy to Trump’s. “Sadly, we don’t have that today,” he said in another clip. “Our president has aligned himself with the darkest forces in this nation.”

Back in Trump mode, Colbert countered: “Wrong! I align myself with the whitest forces in this nation.”

See and judge for yourself:

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