‘Paradise Hotel’ Revival Canceled By Fox After One Season

Paradise Hotel

It will be one five-week season and out for Fox’s reboot of reality series Paradise Hotel. “We won’t be bringing it back,” Rob Wade, Fox’s President of Alternative Entertainment, told Deadline at TCA on Wednesday.

“We were very proud of Paradise Hotel but ultimately it was designed to air over many, many hours, and we started it relatively short, three times a week,” he said. “We felt it didn’t quite perform at the level we wanted it to perform, and if we are going to get the opportunity to try a new show, we have to have the space. But we were very happy with the show, it was a great show and highly entertaining, and the production company did a great job.”

Hosted by Kristin Cavallari, Paradise Hotel, which launched May 9, followed a group of singles who were given the opportunity to check in to an exclusive tropical resort — and check out with big money. The original version aired on Fox for one season in 2003, with a second season running on MyNetwork TV and Fox Reality Channel in 2008.

Fox brought back Paradise Hotel as two similar reality series also hit the airwaves, the U.S. adaptation of Love Island on CBS and USA Network’s Temptation Island revival. (Both have been renewed for a second season.)

Wade does not blame the crowded marketplace for Paradise Hotel‘s modest ratings performance.

“I didn’t think that it was because of the competition in any way,” he said. “I think Paradise Hotel was performing on par with what Love Island was getting, and Temptation Island was on a cable network, so it was difficult to compare,” he said.

Paradise Hotel’s demise also won’t dissuade Wade from pursuing reboots in the future — with one caveat.

“It won’t affect me bringing shows back, but I think when you do bring a show back, there needs to be more of an excitement for them to come back,” he said. “Paradise Hotel was only on the air for two seasons, so we didn’t really have that, we didn’t have the standing base like we see tonight with BH90210; there is a real anticipation for that. I didn’t think there was an anticipation for Paradise Hotel. I felt there were core people who loved it but not a broad enough audience.”

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