How Australian Hitman Series ‘Mr. Inbetween’ Squeezed Onto FX – TCA

It all stated with at Melbourne Film Festival that filmmaker/actor Nash Edgerton was attending. He caught Scott Ryan’s half hour mockumentary The Magician about a working-class hitman, Ray Shoesmith, with a sweet family side.

“I thought my brother (Joel) would get a kick out of it; my brother and I have a dark sense of humor,” said Edgerton who has frequently collaborated with his bro on such pics as Gringo, which he directed, and acting in Joel’s Blumhouse/STX horror pic The Gift. 

Ryan had originally shot The Magician as a feature, but had cut it down to 30 minutes. When Edgerton wanted to see more, Ryan handed him a copy of the entire film. With producer Michele Bennett’s help, the feature version of The Magician received a release, and soon after Ryan’s concept found its way to FX.

“There was never any pressure from FX to change a frame of the show,” said Ryan about the series’ angle toward violence.

One of Ryan’s inspiration for the series was Lethal Weapon, “when Mel Gibson goes over Danny Glover’s house and hangs with the kids.”

“It’ the mundane things,” says Ryan about what raised his eyebrows.

Edgerton in addition to directing episodes makes a guest star appearance as the brother to Brooke Satchwell’s Ally. Edgerton’s character comes to upset Ray’s daughter and in turn, Ray.

FX ordered ten episodes for season 2, which premieres on Sept. 12.

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