Casey Affleck Explains Decision To Stay Quiet After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Casey Affleck Shutterstock

Casey Affleck says he stayed “quiet” following the allegations of sexual misconduct that made news in 2016 because he didn’t want to seem to be in opposition to the #MeToo movement “that I really wanted to champion.”

Speaking with Dax Shepard on the latter’s new Armchair Expert podcast, Affleck addressed the allegations made by two women who worked on I’m Still Here, the 2010 mockumentary Affleck directed starring Joaquin Phoenix.

“I really wanted to support all but I felt like the best thing to do was to just be quiet,” Affleck told Shepard, “so that I didn’t seem to be in opposition to something that I really wanted to champion…It’s a tough spot to be in especially if you really do appreciate and want to be a support of the side that seems angriest, and the anger is being directed at you.”

Affleck said he spoke publicly “a little bit” at the time “to honor that, like, okay, this is someone else’s experience of this and it is not my experience but you have to respect that someone else had an experience and take that to heart, and allow for it to be as possible as your memory of that experience.”

Affleck’s Light of My Life – he wrote, directed and stars – will be released by Saban Films in theater, on demand and digital on Aug. 9. The story follows a father (Affleck) and his in-disguise daughter (Anna Pniowsky) as they journey through the outskirts of society a decade after a pandemic has wiped out the world’s female population.

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