The CW President & Series EP Address ‘Dynasty’ Exits – TCA


UPDATED: There have been a slew of changes on Dynasty over its first two seasons. One of the lead roles, Cristal, was recast twice —  Ana Brenda Contreras replaced original star Nathalie Kelley after the end of Season 1; Contreras was recently replaced by Daniella Alonso heading into Season 3.

Additionally, Elizabeth Gillies recently took over the role of Alexis from Nicollette Sheridan. And original Dynasty showrunner Sallie Patrick exited after Season 2; she has been replaced by Josh Reims.

“Sallie wanted to go to development. She had been on the show for two years. That was a natural succession. She will continue to consult on the show,” the CW President Mark Pedowitz said during the network’s executive presentation.

As for the recastings, “we hoped (Contreras) would continue but she had personal issues we had no control over,” he said, adding “there’s no dirt to be found” in dismissing a notion that there was a lager underlining issue on the set of the show beyond the the individual departures and referring any further inquiries to series producer CBS TV Studios.

Pedowitz’s comments were echoed by Dynasty executive producer Josh Schwartz who was at TCA promoting the new CW series Nancy Drew.

“I think Mark answered it pretty directly and honestly that they are all individually unrelated,” he told Deadline about the string of casting changes. “Some were made for creative decisions, some were made for personal reasons, and just a confluence of things that happened in succession but it’s not part of a larger pattern. And on the showrunner front, Sallie ran the show for two seasons on a 22-episode model. It was always her plan to pass the baton after a couple of seasons. Josh is an excellent and experienced shopwrunner.”

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