‘Why Women Kill’ Poised To Be An Anthology Like ‘American Horror Story’ – TCA

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CBS All Access hasn’t cleared a second season yet for Marc Cherry’s upcoming Why Women Kill series,  but its creator is pondering the series as an anthology like Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story.

The 10-episode series follows three different women in three different decades — a housewife in the ’60s (Ginnifer Goodwin), a socialite in the ’80s (Lucy Liu) and a lawyer in 2018 (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) — as they deal with infidelity in their marriages. And Season 1 has an absolute ending.

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“There are three murders, three deaths at the end of the series, but they’re not all committed by the women you see on stage today (Goodwin, Liu or Howell-Baptiste) nor are the men (Reid Scott, Jack Davenport) necessarily the victims,” Cherry said. “And no one person is killed due to infidelity. Infidelity is just the catalyst for the series.”

Regarding a possible Season 2 being akin to an anthology, Cherry said: “I have an idea of Season 2 and I’m absolutely going to try and bring back as many people as I can.” Natch, this would be with the actors as different characters, in a different setup.

“What Ryan Murphy introduced to TV with the repertory theater company of it all, I’m jealous as all get out,” said Cherry.

Why Women Kill launches on August 15.

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