Trevor Noah Likens Democratic Debate’s Verbal Free-For-All To A Quentin Tarantino Film

Comedy Central

Trevor Noah’s Votegasm Live 2020 recapped our favorite moments from the second night of the Democratic presidential candidate debates, and there’s one clear-cut winner: Corey Booker’s classic line about Kool-Aid.

Noah said Booker went on “full-on attack mode” in his criticism of Biden’s criminal reform plan. “This is where Cory was in his element. He had Biden on the ropes. [And] just when you thought that Biden was the target of the night, Tulsi Gabbard comes up from the ring and slams Kamala in her chair.”

“It was almost like Quentin Tarantino wrote this part of the debate,” quipped Noah. “Everyone coming after everyone.”

Noah said tonight’s debate “was about beef,” which, of course, goes well with Kool-Aid.

Watch the video for the full take.


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