‘Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski Smacks Back At Donald Trump After His Taunting “Psycho” Tweet


Mika Brzezinski opened a segment of her MSNBC program today by calling out its hatewatcher-in-chief, then speaking directly to him.

“President Trump apparently is watching Morning Joe again,” she said. “And Donald, you really oughta find something else to do in the morning. It’s just not healthy.”

Hosting the show solo sans regular partner Joe Scarborough, Brzezinski then addressed this presidential order that had been decreed minutes earlier:

“Don’t worry, Donald, I’m not angry,” the host said in an exasperated voice. “I’m sad and disgusted when pathetic politicians don’t stand up to your racism. Your racism. They’re too afraid to. That’s sad. That’s unbelievably pathetic to watch, and it’s really bad for our country. So just make sure you understand the emotion you’re seeing here.”

Addressing the camera above a chyron that read “Thanks to our loyal viewers!” Brzezinski then called out GOP Rep. Mark Meadows for not defending his friend and House Oversight Committee colleague Elijah Cummings, who Trump has labeled a “racist” this week.

“Let’s talk about Mark Meadows and how he’s too busy sucking up to you than being the friend that Elijah Cummings was to him when he was called a racist during a hearing — about you, by the way. And Mark Meadows cried like a baby when he was called a racist and had these crocodile tears in front of the entire committee, and Elijah stood with him and said, ‘You’re not a racist.’ And Mark Meadows cannot return that favor to Elijah Cummings because he’s too busy being afraid of you? That’s sad, and that’s pathetic. So that’s what you’re seeing here, Donald, as you’re tweeting away with your little phones.”

She then added, “So, again, unlike Mark Meadows, just for the record, we’re not afraid of you.”

More than an hour later — apparently still during “Executive Time” — the Leader of the Free World tweeted this two-part apparent response:

Also for the record, Cummings indeed did officiate Brzezinski’s wedding to co-host Scarborough last year.

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