New Hollywood Podcast: Kel Mitchell Talks ‘All That’ Reboot, His ‘Good Burger’ Legacy And Love For Orange Soda

By Dino-Ray Ramos, Amanda N'Duka

During the mid-’90s — specifically 1994 — we were still basking in grunge, films like Reality Bites and shows like My So-Called Life were defining a generation while chokers, baby doll dresses, crop tops and “The Rachel” hairstyle were all the rage. Then, on April 16, 1994, Nickelodeon debuted the comedy sketch show called All That and it sparked a very specific golden age of TV for young adults. The series starred Angelique Bates, Lori Beth Denberg, Katrina Johnson, Alisa Reyes, Josh Server, Kenan Thompson and, this week’s guest on the New Hollywood Podcast Kel Mitchell. 25 years later the show is a benchmark in pop culture and Mitchell is executive producing (and appearing in) a reboot of All That which not only introduces the good-natured, silly sketch show to a new generation but also sparks nostalgia for those who remember laughing a Coach Kreeton for the first time.

Mitchell said that All That is a hybrid of In Living Color and Saturday Night Live, but spoke to a younger generation. The series was a launchpad for the Kenan and Kel series and the Good Burger movie — which led to his role in the superhero comedy Mystery Men. Mitchell also talked about how the All That reboot translates in 2019 and how he is more than happy to utter his iconic catchphrases for fans of all ages (“Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger can I take your order?!). He also reminisced about talking to the late Aaliyah when she was on the show, drinking orange soda at five-star restaurants and why he chooses the Good Burger pop-up restaurant over Five Guys and In-and-Out. Listen to the episode below.

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