‘Veronica Mars’ Creator Thinks There Will Be Another Season, Explains Why That Tragic Twist Was Needed

Veronica Mars

For a show that only aired for three seasons, Veronica Mars has had a remarkable staying power. Seven years after the drama starring Kristen Bell ended its three-season run on UPN and the CW, it was brought back as a feature with the help of fans via crowdfunding. Five years later, a fourth season was released on Hulu last Friday.

Given the series’ longevity and fans’ continuous support, it is not inconceivable to think of a fifth season. While Hulu is yet to evaluate the proposition, series’ creator Rob Thomas is very optimistic.

“My hope is that we get to make more,” he told Deadline at TCA Friday. “I think we will. It’s all been very positive with Hulu. I know they are happy with the critical response to the show, they are happy internally creatively with the show.”

Not only has the new season been a success but also the original three which Hulu launched ahead of the Season 4 debut, according to Thomas.

“They put up the first three seasons at the beginning of the month, and apparently they are doing  great. It feels like we are going to get to do more but nothing is set in stone.”

Thomas and Bell did the new season of Veronica Mars while working on their current series, iZombie (Thomas) and The Good Place (Bell). iZombie is airing its final season, while The Good Place is heading into a final season, which may open up the duo’s schedules for more Veronica Mars.

“Kristen loves doing the show, I love doing the show whenever she and I both have a window,” Thomas said. “With The Good Place ending and with iZombie ending, it is going to be much easier I think to find a window to do it.”

Thomas has said in recent interviews that he would like for Veronica Mars to evolve into a detective series with a possible Agatha Christie-style mystery eyed for Season 5.

“They would all be eight-episode mysteries,” Thomas said about his vision for future seasons. “For Season 5 the ideas I have been noodling with have all been kind of Agatha Christie in that Murder In the Manor House sort of idea.

“One of the ideas I’ve flirted with is a boat leaving Neptune and having a Natalie Wood-style mystery.”

SPOILER ALERT: This section includes a detail about the Season 4 finale. 

The new season of Veronica Mars bid farewell to a beloved original character, Jason Dohring’s Logan, who died. 

Thomas address the backlash among some fans while also explaining why the death was needed to move the series forward and allow it to do more seasons.

“I’m very nervous I remain nervous; I know there is a lot of vitriol, a lot of fans who are upset, and I knew there would be,” Thomas said. “But I’ve heard from huge, massive fans who are completely happy and understand why I’m doing it.”

“I really feel like it’s going to be a better show that has a chance to attract new fans if we are not still telling the story of a high school boyfriend as he was introduced. I think we have to shed the teen soap element of the show  in order to get to keep making more.”

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