Angry Disney World Ranter Says Childless People Should Be Banned From The Theme Park

A rant from a disgruntled mother that insists childless couples should be banned from Disney World – and presumably Disneyland – has been reignited on Twitter, sparking more than 15,000 shares.

The original post on Facebook came in 2018, then picked up by Reddit. But it was recently tweeted and revived, as it pits parents against the rest of the world during the height of the tourist season at the so-called Happiest Place(s) on Earth.

The angry mom has not been identified, but she said in the original post that Millennial activity at the park made the lines long and created problems for parents. The original poster had a three-year-old.

The rant focused on a young woman who had purchased a Mickey Mouse pretzel. The ranter was furious that she could not give her son a pretzel, as she would have had to wait in line for three hours.

The angry mom said mothers should not have to wait in lines at Disney World and also recommended that childless women be banned.

The rant: “It pisses me off TO NO END!!!!! when I see CHILDLESS COUPLES WITHOUT AT DISNEY WORLD!!!!,” she wrote. “People without CHILDREN need to be BANNED!!!!! Mothers with children should be allowed to skip ALL THE LINE!!!”

“This c–t in some very SLUTTY shorts was buying a Mickey pretzel and Aiden wanted one but the line was very long so I said later and it broke his poor little heart and he cried,” the woman added. “I WANTED TO TAKE THAT F—–G PRETZEL FROM THAT TRAMP LIKE THANKS B—H YOU MADE MY SON CRY!”

“DW is a FAMILY amusement park!” she said. “Yet these IMMATURE millennials THROW AWAY THEIR MONEY ON USELESS CRAP!!!!”

The mother has been roundly condemned on the multiple forums in which the rant appears.

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